Never park again in London

Never park again in London

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How it works

Drop off anywhere

Set your destination point anywhere in our serviced zone and one of our trained Vallies will meet you there and collect your car.

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Track your car

Vallie will park your car in one of our partner commercial car parks, and you will always know exactly where your vehicle is while it’s with us.

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Return anywhere

When you're ready set your return point anywhere in our serviced zone. We aim to return your car within 15 minutes and hopefully even faster.

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Simple payments

Save your payment info in the app and get charged automatically after your car is returned. Provide feedback & tip your Vallies too.

£8 per hour - £32 per same day max - £45 per 24 hours

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Your car in good hands

Fully insured

£100K coverage for any damage to your car. £2M third-party liability while our Vallies are driving. £10M public liability.

Secure parking

Park in commercial car parks with CCTV and secure barriers. Your car will be safer than when at home.

Expert vallies

Hired after multiple interviews, driving tests and background checks. Regularly audited to ensure safety & excellence.

Where to find us

What our customers are saying..

Tim M.


"I'm forever impressed with the quality of the service - the Vallie team are friendly whilst remaining extremely professional. After my first time trying the service I was hooked, and now use Vallie every time I commute to the office."



"I go to London on business two or three times per week and it took me ages to find a parking space. Since Vallie came along, I just use the app to get my car picked up and dropped off where I like which saves me a lot of time and hassle."

Louis L.


"The closest car park is too far from my office, which left me having to deal with 2hr pay & display time limits. Vallie got rid of both the hike and headache of the time limit - and I have been singing their praises ever since."